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I live in Katowice, Poland, with my own painting studio.

I paint mostly feminine motifs: faces, figures, silhouettes. My works are a combination of  realism and abstract painting. Definitely modern painting. Strong, vivid colours with wide brush and palette knife strokes and large contrasting colour spots. I focus on the impression. The painting is to dominate the interior and attract attention. This is not a background music but brave expressive even aggrresive painting for daring large interiors and for challenging, uncompromising people.

All my paintings are made on canvas. I like to work on rather large format, ranging from 1.4 to 2 meters or larger.

I usually use acrylic paints accompanied by different techniques, especially when creating collages.

I mainly take the inspiration for my portraits from the photographs I take myself, but also occasionally from other sources like the Internet or press.

Street art and abstract also play a crucial role in my work. I love them because they are free, alive, spontaneous, with no rules. My street art paintings, often collages are also created on canvas using different techniques.

What I like best in paintig is dash, energy, spontaneity, colour, emotions and impression.

And that’s what I’m trying to achieve creating my works.

At present my works are getting more and more appreciated , they sell well and rise in value , so they can be found in many interiors around the world.


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